V.I.P. Service Dog Foundation

I love raising service dog puppies

1. I make a difference in the life of Someone l' will never know

2. Getting a puppy And teaching it skills that will make a difference in someone s life

3. People always ask. Isn't it hard to give them back?

Yes it is sad to return them

Happiness comes back when I get a new puppy with puppy breath to train

Barb and Tom 




Our family is new to fostering a puppy but we are glad took the plunge. We have babysat dogs for friends for many years since our family dog passed away. We were introduced to VIP by some friends and agreed to foster Gremlin a Poodle / Golden Retriever mix for what we promised would be a short and limited time. After we met this adorable and obviously smart puppy we started asking about getting more involved with the organization. We wanted to be a part of training Gremlin to be a key part in supporting a disabled person. We did not know who would become Gremlin’s person but we decided our family wanted to be a part of a successful placement. Gremlin became a part of our lives and particularly mine for about 8 months. He joined me at work and our family for activities including shopping and eating at restaurants. We learned about what it means to be a service dog together. He and I both made mistakes along the way but all the leaders and other foster families helped us to learn what to do. Gremlin and I succeeded week after week and finally he was paired with a child that needed the help that Gremlin could provide. Dog and child met for the first time and I could see the immediate connection. Gremlin found his purpose in life and I was able to be part of the introduction and transition to his new person. I have to say it is very hard to fall in love with the little fur ball and then have to give him to another family. That feeling of loss is overwhelmingly replaced with warmth and pride as I witnessed in real time when a special dog finds his purpose in life. I know for sure that Gremlin will have a great long life helping this special child navigate school and the challenges of life.

Blair and Deb P.




 I have raised 8 puppies with VIPs guidance, all the puppies will be fondly remembered by my family and coworkers. They shared Christmas and other holidays with us and always brought joy to every event. As normal we miss them, however it is rewarding to learn how the time and love you put into the puppies can be passed on to someone in need of physical or emotion support.  


VIP service dogs is very special to me. I was working with them as a volunteer when my beloved dog Bogart died. Being disabled myself this hit me very hard, it wasn't very long after that I spent 15 days in the hospital. To make a long and painful short story short one night the group presented me with Moose. They're trying to get me back on that horse that threw me off by training the new service dog. After say no many times I said yes. At that time I didn't want to fall in love with another dog I was just sad. But because of their sneaky efforts I now have Moose. Because of them and the gift of Moose I was saved, they saw what I needed and then make sure that I got it.

Trena Yarmat

I have been fostering for VIP Service Dog Foundation for 9 years now.  In that time my husband and I have fostered several dogs, all which have already been placed with their handlers.  We have loved opening up our home to these dogs.  It is very rewarding to train with them and watch them progress over time.  It’s a great feeling to know that the dogs will go on to make such a positive impact on someone’s life.  My experience as a foster and a board member has been both fun and fulfilling!

VIP Service Dog Foster Family,

Shirley , Steve , Lindsey, David, Melissa and Stephanie

VIP connects service animals to folks who may be differently abled. The dogs are quality pups from breeders throughout the Midwest. These breeders share the same VIP vision: to assist people with different abilities enhance their activities of daily living with a well trained service animal that meets the needs of the client.

Jennifer Truppa

My experience with VIP has been amazing. They are truly a wonderful organization who prides themselves with matching the right dog with someone in need. Donna is so great!! Always checking on her foster families and their dogs making sure we did not have any problems/concerns we need answered. Everyone in the organization are truly wonderful caring people who want nothing more but to help others. Having 2 special needs kids myself I have seen what a huge impact these service dogs have in our lives. I have and will continue to send families who's lives would be enriched by one of their service dogs. Keep up the great work!!

Kelly Halla Margalus