V.I.P. Service Dog Foundation


Board Members

 Donna  A.        President   - Trainer                                                  donna@vipservicedogfoundation.com                                                                          


 Trena Y.           VP Board Member - asst. training coordinator      trena@vipservicedogfoundation.com                                      


 Tom B.             Board Member  Veteran program coordinator      tom@vipservicedogfoundation.com 



 Blair P.             Board Member -Puppy Raiser Coordinator           blair@vipservicedogfoundation.com



 Jennifer T.        Board Member  


 Jennifer H.       Board Member         


 Suzy G.              Board Member






To contact VIP for general questions, please email


or 866-439-3362 ( voicemail)

all request's will be answered within 5 business days.