Dog Breeds
Our dogs are from breeders. Each dog is temperment tested and evaluated to meet the specific program guidelines. We have purebreds and mixes. Clients are not able to request a breed specific dog, but rather the board  of  V.I.P. will evaluate each individual dog with our clients needs and place them accordingly. Should a client have allergy releated issues a doctor's letter is requested. The V.I.P board will than proceed with proper placement
What types of Dogs are used?

Generally male dogs are only accepted into the program.
We use breeds of all types to include but not limited to:
Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Standard Poodles,
labrdoodles, goldendoodles, 
bernedoodle, ST. Berdoodle,  Newfidor

Services Offered:

 training, events training
(mall's,restaurants, movies, community events, etc..). 

The donation for each Service/Companion Dog is a flat fee .