Puppy Raisers Wanted




Raising a puppy dog can be a very rewarding experience. What a great additional sense

of accomplishment and satisfaction you can obtain when you foster a dog that is special

enough to enter the training process to become a Service Dog.



  Not only will you help with the nurturing and basic training of the Service Dog, but you

can also work along side the selected individual to whom your Foster Buddy will be going

to, should you want to continue to be a part of the final process. The dog you will be

fostering for the Program will complete basic training such as heel, sit, stay, and recall.

Once the basics are mastered, the dog will move on to specialized training to meet the

needs of its chosen owner. 



So, if you can spare a little room in your home and have some extra love to share with an

animal that can learn to dramatically enhance another person's life, please take the time

to consider being a puppy raiser Family for our Service Dog Program.  


You can email an application request to vipservicedogfoundation@yahoo.com 


 or call




Thank you for taking the time to consider making a foster commitment to help a special

someone gain that extra bit of independence. 



VIP supplies pre-approved

vet care for all our puppies/dogs in training.


VIP require all puppy raisers.to attend bi-weekly training classes in

Naperville, IL.


Location and times will be disclosed once fosters are approved .


*All food and grooming expenses are the responsibility of the foster family 

and can be used a taxable deduction to our program. Starting 8/1/2017

VIP will be offerring a pet shop gift cost to offset the cost of dog food.